A Culinary Marvel: An excerpt from Smuggler’s Notch Travelogue, Part III…#haibun #haiku #poetry #dversepoets

red fox(yelp.com)

Peeling red paint on weather-worn siding of a glorified barn—not an auspicious first impression!

We wait to be seated. The décor is both trendy and quaint: Dim light, dark paneling, streamers with various-colored lights, Sombreros on one wall.

Seated at last, we order. My enchilada is as good as any I had at home. A delightful surprise!

Summer sunset
A bite of refried beans, washed down
with sangria


first published in Image Curve, September 10, 2015


for dverse–haibun Monday. Frank Hubeny tends bar tonight, and he calls for haibun about being pleasantly surprised.


UPDATE: for Poets United–midweek motif–color

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  1. Nice travel commentary! Fun to look for the out-of-the-way non-corporate, ma-and-pa looking places to eat. And always fun when their food turns out to be deliciously delightful — as is your haibun! 🙂

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