Bounce Back: A Riding the Dragon #Quadrille #haibun reprise…#poetry #haiku



The Dragon bucks.

He spills me onto the earth. I can lie there, staring at the sky with the breath knocked out of me.

Or I can bounce back up.


And get back in the saddle.


winter sun

the only way out

is through


for dVerse–Quadrille #48. DeJackson hosts, and the word of the day is “bounce.”





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  1. Reminded me of an old Girl Scout lyric … “Can’t get over it, can’t get around it, have to go through it” stomp, stomp, stomp! Hadn’t thought of that for years.

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  2. I love that you were unrestrained enough to make that one line really long; that’s always so effective to me. Also, I love the last three lines. So true. (It’s supposed to snow tonight, which is crazy unheard of here in Alabama.)

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