#Haikai Challenge #16 (1/13/18): Freedom #haiku #senryu #tanka #haibun #renga #haiga


Photo by Jerónimo Bernot on Unsplash


Well, haijin, what a ride so far! From sub-artic to spring-like to freezing once again! Yet you braved the cold to take the challenge:


Haikai Challenge Participants

1. Ken Gierke / rivrvlogr
2. Jules
3. Petru J Viljoen
4. Linda Lee Lyberg
5. Jane Dougherty
6. Merril D. Smith
7. Zander
8. Xenia Tran
9. ToniKanzen
10. Revived Writer
11. Janice (Ontheland)

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Now, for this week’s challenge:

This Monday, the United States celebrates the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His accomplishments speak for themselves. In his famouse “I have a dream” speech, Dr. King spoke of the unpaid “promisory note.” While American society has made progress since his time, much work remains. Dr. King’s birthday, therefore, is not only an important memorial to a great leader’s accomplishments. It is a time for reflection, and a call to action.

This week, your unconventional kigo is the essence of Dr. King’s dream: freedom. Write the haikai poem of your choice (haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun, renga/renku, haiga, etc.) in which you name or reference freedom


As always:

Here’s how the challenge works:

1. write the haikai poem of your choice.
2. post the link of your post to Mister Linky.
3. pingback by posting the link to the challenge on your site.
4. read and comment on other contributors’ posts.




Good hunting, haijin!

And let freedom ring!



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  1. Freedom is like the right of way in driving – it is not something you automatically get – (sometimes puns cannot be avoided…)
    Freedom is something you have to give as well as earn.
    I tied your prompt into my fortune cookie theme… enjoy:

    To all who have reverted back to a deep freeze – stay warm.
    And those with spare heat… can you send some our way? 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Hello Frank! Hope you are well. I am guessing mine falls into the Senryu category since it involves emotion? Or would it still be a Haiku since it is about the moon and sun? I tagged it Senryu to be safe. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Suzanne. Please upload your link on Mister Linky (located under the rules for the challenge) at your earliest convenience. I use the links in a weekly round-up, and I don’t want to miss yours. 😀


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