A comforting scent: A #TankaTuesday #TankaProse #2 (10/2/18)



The aroma of a campfire. The smell of burning oak or pine. There’s so much comfort in that scent.


Every story I’ve told or listen to rises like smoke from the embers of neglected memory when I smell a campfire. Stories like the one at a boy scout campout, in which our senior patrol leader told us that ghost story that ended on the corniest of notes. Somehow, our hero, upon being chased by a coffin astride a galloping horse, “took out a drop of Halls mentho lyptis, and that stopped the coughin.”


Or the truly haunting tale of a sole skeleton discovered aboard a sunken submarine, still tapping the rusted iron hull with a hammer. Or the cheers, skits or songs sung around the bright orange blaze.


Yes, there is so much comfort in the aroma of a campfire. I trust there always will be.



a bald eagle soars above

smoldering ashes

off the endangered species

registry at last



for Kiwinana’s #OctPoWriMo – Day 3 – #Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 116 – Endangered & Animals


dVerse Poets’ Poetics: Comfort Smells (guest pubtended by Gina)





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  1. its rare to experience a camp fire moment in Malaysia but we do occasionally when out overnight camping. I connect with that smell of fire burning wood and ash that wafts to fill my senses with an awe and respect for nature and the spirits of the forest, your tanka is hauntingly beautiful Frank – the soaring eagle , rising out of a cloud of smoke like an ethereal creature conjured out of tall tales and awareness of our brief existence

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  2. Your haibun is so evocative, Frank, and reminds me of bonfire night in the UK, which is fast approaching. I’ve never been on a campout but I do love ghost stories and songs around a bright orange blaze!

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  3. I identify with all of this, Frank. Campfires have been a part of our family for as long as I can remember. Great family stories exchanged, some ghostly, some not, and watching the flickering flames seems to settle a peace over the soul, does it not? Thanks for sharing the corny coffin tale.

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