Arachne’s Song: a #TankaTuesday #TankaProse (10/16/18)



Call me Arachne. What? Do you not like what you see? Am I so unsightly, that you stand repulsed? It is as it should be, then, for those that contend with the Gods. Whether they win or not.


I knew my weaving supreme on earth and in heaven. When Athene herself could not surpass me on the loom, she made my gift my destiny. Spindley and small, yet I possess such strength as you cannot imagine. (Although you have tried many times, as all those Spider-man movies can attest. Seriously, just how many more do you intend to produce?) And of all the weavers of the world, who can surpass mine in beauty and might?


Yes, I may not capture you with my beauty. But I may yet capture you with the beauty I fashion. Perhaps that is triumph enough.


Autumn wind

rain-glistened strands tremble

at sunset

What use is education

without a growth in wisdom?



for Kiwinana’s #Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 118 – Education & Wisdom


dVerse Poets’ Poetics: Beauty in Ugliness (pubtended by Mish)



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  1. Lovely Frank. I actually like spiders. they are fascinating creatures and their webs are spectacular. I especially like the huge spiders that weave their webs this time of year – big ugly things that capture the last of the insects before frost.

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  2. spiders fascinate me, the way they move and can just carry on indoors or in the wild. their resilience and strength yes a wonderful testament that ugly can be so beautiful

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  3. Amazing, I didn’t get a fright, as I’m not afraid of them, in NZ we don’t have many poisonous spiders, just as well because I usually get them in my hand and take them outside. As the old wife tale say, if you kill a spider it will rain, and we get enough rain without wanting more. Haha, have a great day, nice post.

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  4. I am one of those people who are enthralled by spiders. I love the mythology woven into your tale’s web, Cobwebs are a triumph of beauty with their ‘rain-glistened strands’.

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  5. Nice Frank, thou sometimes scary, I think spiders do possess beauty and they fascinate me. In the tropical areas I have seen some very intricately designed spiders of unusual color. As you mention, their webs are amazing, some woven with great beauty and fascinating to watch when an insect is caught in one of these marvelous traps.

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  6. Yikes…enlarging the image was……yes, beautiful! I admire the intricacy of spiders and the strength of their perfectly formed webs. Nice inclusion of Greek mythology into your piece. Working in a preschool, I have to love spiders to model the love of nature. Luckily they are ok with me. Better than a mouse.

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