An Awaited Turn in the Weather: A #TBT #Haibun featuring my latest from .@ImageCurve


Brightening. Darkening. Crabapple leaves viewed through the dining room window alternate between a luminescent emerald in golden light and drab green.

Until the daylight dims to a dull-gray. Thunder rumbles in the distance. The long-predicted storm approaches the bucolic village named “Beautiful Mountain.” Our home.

upside-down leaves
“Phantom of the Opera”
drowns out the robins

Falling rain. Streams batter the crabapple leaves, and leave behind a shimmering film. They rattle the roof, the deck. The block is under a waterfall.

All while we read, write, cook, listen to Josh Groban. Dry and indifferent, save for a muttered “when” and a flurry of words.

slowing rainfall
a lone crow caws among
glistening leaves


Photo by Antonino Visalli


first published in Image Curve, November 15, 2018



for dVerse Poets Open Link Night #232 (pubtended by Frank Hubeny)


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