A Traveler’s Wisdom: a #quatrain #haibun

“Conspiring with Ravens” by Jacquline Hurlbert


above the horizon

strawberry moon

I come bearing counsel. Will you hear it? Aye, I’m a traveler, a stranger to you, and a woman, besides. No matter. You can have confidence in what I will tell you. Will you listen?

aflight across the leagues, I see

happenings near and far

to guide your steps upon your path

that lead you toward your star

Yes, it’s a fine thing, to have vision. If you don’t know where you going, how will you know when you get there? Open your eyes, then, and see what there is to see. Not what you want to see, but what is. Because you’ve been stumbling in the dark of your own making too long, haven’t you?

strawberry moon

cast by engulfing clouds

fresh shadows

Now, now, don’t walk away, just yet. Take no offense. You haven’t heard the last of my counsel, have you?

the heights and depths I fly to view

the actions all may take

through insight into what is true

your future can you make

If only life were about the knowing, right? Alas, if we are to truly live, we must act. Or not. And only when we make such choices with our vision in mind can we forge our path with confidence. Not certainty, confidence. Because you’ve blundered about questing for guarantees, have you not?

There, you’ve heard my counsel. Do with it what you like.

fresh shadows

an owl’s flight caught

in moonlight


and dVerse Poets’ Poetry forms: Quatrain (pubtended by Frank Hubeny). I missed Linda Lee Lyberg’s Tuesday Poetics, her dVerse Poets premier, but I couldn’t resist the images she posted. The pub is open! Come join us!

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