An Epiphanal Invitation: A #TankaProse

summer heat

sapping all of my fresh

intimate designs

the film of sweat lingers

on the back of my neck

Another summer vacation dawns. I begin the first evening of it in solitude. Frank plays for his high school’s graduation, which he, himself, will partake into years. Mira attends a Chi Gong class.

I savor the drone of evening traffic, the last singsong calls of rival birds, the hum of neighbors’ air conditioners. I imbibe the varying verdant shades of the backyard: Maple, pine, crabgrass. They all vie to become the flavor my eyes remember.

” I was oppressed by the velvety emptiness of the word and swathes of soft grass. “

Laurie Lee

But Something is here. Something pulses against my own determination to ignore it. A presence insists on acknowledgement, communion, being experienced. It exhudes from the verdancy and the cacaphonies occuring within this moment. And yet, I can barely hear it’s soft murmering. It is gentle, and patience. It can wait.

Do I dare open myself up? With what story, what song, will I then incarnate this conjoining? Can I live with never being the same thereafter?

the energy

to expend transcending

my own limits

I listen for that murmer

within the wind

for dVerse Poets’ Tuesday Poetics: : Literary Alchemy with Laurie Lee (pubtended by Laura Bloomsbury). The pub is still open! Come join us!


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  1. your prose is imaginative – much like Laurie Lee writes too! Interestingly interspersed with Tanka –
    I love: “summer heat
    sapping all of my fresh
    intimate designs”

    that last line leaves the reader wondering and that is just how it should be!


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