Constance: a #tankaprose

The same icicle-shaped lights hang from the neighbor’s front liter. The same indoor lights adorn our current Christmas tree. And another cold moon arises.

The same clouds that brought snow this morning blot out the stars tonight. The same chill in the air sends a shudder through me. And another cold moon rises.

The same shortening days. The same heightened expectations. The same sense of a year’s days running out. And another cold moon rises.

How each year another Advent arrives. How each December the same foreshadowing of winter appears. How Christmas again comes around the corner. And still, another cold moon rises.


of holiday seasons …

this early night

our annual endowments

disturbe our complacency

for Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 157 #SynonymsOnly

Dverse Poets’ Poetics: Echo. . .echo . .Β .echo (pubtended by Merril Smith) The Pub is open. Come join us!

and my own #Haikai Challenge!

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