Journey to Pine Meadow Lake: a Day 2 #NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo2020 #haibun

Pine Meadow Lake, Harriman State Park, NY 2017

Fresh air

new ripples


Start at Kakiat park, where the parking lot surrounds an island of green with a few Maples. The enclosed dog park may or may not bustle with the delighted barks of canines overjoyed with company

azure sky

passing cumulus

fade from sight

canonballing beside

the “no swimming” sign

Cross the bridge over the Mahwah river, as narrow as any brook, and gurgling as such. Meander the blue trail through underbrush and a Pine grove. Follow the river again, past the remains of the Mill, for which the trail draws its name.

cucumber scent

the copperheads remain


After the gentle first ascent. The steep climb above the Natural Gas line cut. The leveling out after the power line cut. The pitching climbs and descents along the forested trail.

an scenic view

along the horizon

New York City

Through curving paths as challenging as any Ewok would face on Endor. Until, at last a break in the trees

glistening waters

a mid-afternoon sun

in pieces

even at Pine Meadow

a voice on a cell phone

The presence of a lake visited for almost forty years. A breath of sanctuary, before a return to the storm.

street poetry …

capturing the essence of

a heart wide open

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  1. love this Frank. Been too long since i’ve been hiking. i got all mad at the voice on the cel phone! don’t you know what that place is for? lol! Brilliant wrap-up with the street poetry

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  2. I enjoyed following your path here…..and then a view from on high of New York City….peaceful from on high. The chaos and fear inside it up close has disappeared as one is higher and higher into the natural scene.
    “The presence of a lake visited for almost forty years. A breath of sanctuary, before a return to the storm.”

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