Innocent Amusement: a #Quadrille – #Haibun


He would play with me for hours. Stretch me into all kind of shapes.

Twist and turn me one way, then another.

When he was done, he’d mold me two-handed,

and pour me back into my egg.

silly putty

so many years since



for dVerse Poets’ Quadrille Monday -Lighten up a bit! (pubtended by lillian)

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  1. Ah yes……and I used to flatten it out and put it on comic books and press and voila! The comic book print was on the silly putty! But then, do that enough times, and it all turned black and I had the newsprint all over my hands! 😦

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  2. Bang on, brother. I haven’t thought about “silly putty” for decades. It’s still popular today; many of my grandchildren use tortillas to become silly putty. Hey, remember the “Slinky”?

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