Predation: a #Quadrille #TankaProse

Photo by Balaji Malliswamy

When did you imagine that the world revolved around you? Did it take a stray strand of rogue gene to prove otherwise?

How utterly predictable of you!

a glimpse of

pitiable reptillian

indifference …

we can only blame ourselves

for the fix that we’re in

for Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 178 #PhotoPrompt

dVerse Poets’ dVerse Poetics: About Portals (pubtended by Anmol (Alias (HA))

dVerse Poets’ Quadrille #104: Oh, We’re in a Fix. (pubtended by De Jackson)

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  1. I believe in our own small minds we all believe we are invincible and that the world really does revolve around us…whether we will own up to it or not! This pandemic many have shaken that a little! Great Poem Frank!

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  2. I agree with the concept of your poem and how it manifested. Alligators have been revealed as good mothers. As reptiles are other than us in our egocentric indifference to “other” we write them off as worthy of exploitation without a 2nd thought…

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  3. It’s so true. Nicely done. I agree with Björn. To some extent, we all do see the world from our own perspective, but we could take better care of it–and of others, too. We’re seeing a great lack of empathy these days–starting at the top.

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